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COLOPL’s official Twitter account writes that their game, Battle Girl High School, has been confirmed to be getting an anime adaptation on Thursday. In addition, COLOPL also writes that they will reveal other project details later.

A picture of their one year anniversary game and also for the anime series was written on their Twitter account. The same confirmation was previously done through a web radio program, Sakamoto-P no Nadenade Jouhou-Bu. The Web radio says that the anime from Battle Girl High School has been given the green light.

The game-themed school action role-playing game begins the story in 2045, where the world is filled with a mysterious creature called Irousu. Humans began to get themselves cornered by the arrival of Irousu. Those who dare to face Irousu are a group of ordinary girls, who have no merit.

Shinjugammine Girls Academy is a school for the Hoshimori who fought against Irousu. Players come to the academy as a teacher and have a duty to train the girls (who turned out to be the Hoshimori) to take the Earth back from Irousu’s hands.

Battle Girl High School Synopsis: Battle Girl Project – The animated story is based on the action school role-playing game developed by COLOPL. By 2045 the world has been contaminated by Irousu (the mysterious invaders who suddenly appeared), and the humans began cornered. Only ordinary girls can fight this disaster.

Shinjugammine Girls Academy is a school for “Hoshimori” (Star Guard) destined to fight Irousu. Players are assigned to come to this academy to train girls and take back contaminated earth. And once again, the bells through echoing in the schoolyard at sunrise that marks the beginning of today’s class begins …
Anime Detail Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project
Synonyms: バ ト ル ガ ー ル ハ イ ス ク ー ル BATTLE GIRL PROJECT, Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project
Type: TV
Producer: COLOPL
Studio: Silver Link.
Source: Game
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, School


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