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An anime adaptation of the webnovel entitled “Clione no Akari Net” illustrated by Natural-Rain, will be aired early next summer at Tokyo MX and other TV stations.

The former member of SKE48, aki, became the composer and sang the opening song entitled Clione no Akari, and also sang the ending song. This was announced by the battery itself at its solo music concert on Tuesday.

The story of Clione no Akari Net concerns an orphaned girl named Minori who suffers from an illness and is often harassed. After experiencing heavy rain, he could not go to school because hospitalized in the hospital. Two months passed, Minori’s two school friends Takashi and Kyouko got an email from a mysterious sender. The email revealed a summer festival located in a town near where they live.

Synopsis Clione no Akari – The summer anime with the title Clione no Akari (ク リ オ ネ の 灯 り) tells of a sick and disturbed orphaned girl named Minori. Takashi and Kyouko want to see Minori’s smile. So, one rainy afternoon, they call him with all their strength. However, they not only could see his true smile, his health deteriorated and he stopped coming to school.

Two months have passed and one day, a mysterious letter was sent to Takashi and Kyouko. With no return address and no way to respond, the letter contains an invitation that takes them to a summer festival in a nearby town.

About Anime Clione no Akari
AnimeTV (Series)
Genre: Slice of Life
Season: Summer 2017
Studio: drop
Producer: Puro Ishikawa
Author: MOLICE, Tsukasa, Natural Rain, Takeshi Onaka
Released: July 2017
Music: Kazuhiko Izu, Rico Sasaki

Clione no Akari (ク リ オ ネ の 灯 り Kurione no akari) is an online light novel published by Natural-Rain in 2004. An anime adaptation, produced by Drop, began broadcasting in Japan in July 2017.
Official site: http://clionenoakari.com/
Official twitter: @clionenoakari


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