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Granblue Fantasy The Animatio is an anime series adapted from Cygames-made games. Where Cigames has released Granblue Fantasy for iOS and Android devices in December 2013. This game features music from Final Fantasy Nobuo Uematsu composer and art by art designers Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX Hideo Minaba.Sinopsis Granblue Fantasy The Animation (2017)

For the story in the anime series Granblue Fantasy The Animation, set in the Sky world. Told a place that has many islands floating in the sky. Zank Tinzel is one of the mysterious islands in the Sky World. On the island, there lived a boy named Gran along with a dragon named Vyrn. One day they meet Lyria, the beautiful girl who escaped from the Kingdom of Eleste. The kingdom is known to have strong military power and plans to rule the Sky World. So, with his abilities, Zank will save Lyria and the heavenly world from the threat of the kingdom of Eleste.

Serial Anime Granblue Fantasy The Animation (2017)
Other Title: グ ラ ン ブ ル ー フ ァ ン タ ジ ー The Animation
Type: Anime Series
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Yuuki Itoh
Story Writer: Cygames
Music: Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomu Narita

Opening Song: “GO” by BUMP OF CHICKEN
Song Ending: –
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Live Prime: January 2017
Episode: 48 (Divided into 4 Cour)

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