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The first manga volume cover adapted from Herago Amazake’s Knight’s & Magic novel series will announce on Saturday that the TV anime adaptation series is in the works.

Takuji Katou who drew his manga series has posted an illustration to celebrate the announcement.Sinopsis Anime Knight's & Magic

Anime Knight’s & Magic Synopsis and Preview
Synopsis Anime Knight’s & Magic
Knight’s & Magic Synopsis – The summer anime titled Knight’s & Magic (ナ イ ツ & マ ジ ッ ク) tells of a great programmer and also otaku mecha genius who was reincarnated to another world. In this world he lives in, full of gigantic robots known as the “Silhouette Knights” and there is also magic ?! Born again as Ernesti Echevarria or also known as Eru, he uses his deep knowledge of mecha and his skills as a programmer to start making the ideal robot. However, this leads to an unexpected situation.
Dreaming of being their robot pilot, Eru and his friends, Archid Olter and Adeltrud Olter aim to become Knights Runners. Keep in mind, the ambition of an otaku mecha is to change the world!
About Knight’s Anime & Magic

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mecha, School
Season: Summer 2017
Studio: 8-Bit
Producer: Yusuke Yamamoto
Author: Michiko Yokote
Released: July 2017
Music: Masato Kouda
Knight’s & Magic (ナ イ ツ & マ ジ ッ ク, Naitsu to Majikku) is a Japanese light novel series written by Hisago Amazake-existent and illustrated by Kurogin. This series is featured as a novel web before it is published in print by Shufunotomo. A manga adaptation by Takuji Kato has been published by Square Enix. An anime television anime adaptation was announced through a cover band on the first volume of the manga on September 24, 2016. The anime will premiere in July of 2017 and will be directed by Yusuke Yamamoto in the studio 8-Bit, Michiko Yokote wrote the script and Masato Kouda composed the music.
Official site: http://knights-magic.com/
Official Twitter: @naitsuma_anime

Anime Knight’s & Magic Characters
Ernesti Echevarria (El)
Voiced by: Rie Takahashi
He used to be a talented programmer, but then he was transported to another world. Using his mecha-otaku knowledge, he begins to build his ideal Silhouette Knight.

Adeltrud Olter (Addy)
Voiced by: Ayaka Oohashi
this el’s friend. He worships something funny, and often sticks to El as if he’s a teddy bear. Kidd is his older twin brother.
Archid Olter (Kidd)
Voiced by: Shinsuke Sugawara
this el’s friend. He was taught magic by El at a young age, and was skilled when it came to battles that used his powers. Addy is the younger twin sister.


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