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On Tuesday, it has been announced through the Manga Action magazine that Nobuaki Kanazawa’s horror novel, “Ousama Game” will get an anime adaptation. With the title Ousama Game The Animation, this series will air in October 2017 at AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS 11 stations. Official website and official Twitter account for this series have also been opened.

This series tells about Nobuaki Kanazawa, a high school student who moved to a distant high school. She is afraid of being close to her school friends because of an incident at her previous school. This makes him shut down. However, when he began to open himself at a sports festival, he got an email from “Ousama”. At first, Nobuaki’s classmates did not take him seriously and laughed at him as a joke. Nobuaki alone knows the meaning behind the message, the fight against the death game is about to begin.

Synopsis Anime Ousama Game The Animation
Synopsis Ousama Game The Animation – Fall anime with the title Ousama Game The Animation tells about Nobuaki Kanazawa, a student who recently moved to a distant high school.

For some reason he had experienced in his previous school, Nobuaki was afraid to be close to his classmates and had closed his heart against them. However, on the day of the Sports Festival, when performing a class relay race, he took a chance and started opening up to his friends.

One time, Nobuaki and all his classmates, received an email from a sender called “Ousama” on their phone. At first, his classmates did not take the email seriously and thought it was a joke, but Nobuaki knew exactly what it was. Conflict known as the game of “death” will begin soon.

About Anime Ousama Game The Animation
AnimeTV (Series)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, School, Supernatural
Season: Fall 2017
Studio: Seven
Producer: Noriyoshi Sasaki
Author: Kenji Konuta
Release: October 5, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017 — 3:39 pm
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