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Watch Owarimonogatari Season 2 Episode 1-END English Subbed Download

Halomina … wah Anime Owarimonogatari Season 2 is scheduled for summer 2017 lho … Some hot news arrives this weekend with plans for the 2017 summer TV season of the second season of the anime Owarimonogatari (End Story). this one will adapt the story “Mayoi Hell,” “Hitagi Rendezvous,” and “Ougi Dark.” from 12 episodes of Nisio Isin’s Monogatari Modern folklore mystery series previous 12 episodes have adapted to “Ougi Formula,” “Sodachi Riddle” and “Sodachi Lost” and aired in autumn 2015 ago.

Owarmimonogatari is Light Novel by Nisio Isin which tells the story of the end of Monogatari Series. Currently Adaptation has been an Anime by Studio SHAFT which has been adapting all Light Novel Monogatari. Here’s Little Owarimonogatari detail:

Alternative Titles
Japanese: 終 物語
Type: TV
Premiered: Summer 2017
Studios: Shaft
Source: Light novel
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Supernatural

Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo
Character Design: Akio Watanabe
Music: Kei Haneoka
SYNOPSIS Owarimonogatari Season 2
6 Months before graduation, precisely in October when he was in third grade, Koyomi Araragi was introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his younger brother Kanbaru Suruga. Ougi who later became known as Oshino’s brother Meme wanted to ask Araragi or rather consult about their school plan, Naoetsu High School that looks strange.
Here is a story that will reveal something very important, which is not in the intention to tell. The story is what makes Koyomi Araragi become like sekrang and make life Araragi School is really different. This story will clarify “something” that makes Araragi able to study at Naoetsu. This story will reveal the “Beginnings” of Everything.

Production Staff & Studio Owarimonogatari
Production Studio
Anime Production Staff
Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo
Director: Tomoyuki ItamuraSeries Composition: Akiyuki Simbo, Fuyashi Tou
Music: Kei Haneoka
Original creator: NisiOisin
Original Character Design: VOfan
Character Design: Akio Watanabe
Art Director: Ken Naito
Chief Animation Director: Akio Watanabe, Shinya Nishizawa, Taisuke Iwasaki
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka


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