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Renowned Studios P.A. Works again raises a story about the new original anime adaptation that will be next. The new anime is titled Sakura Quest and P.A. Works also has brought up an official website that contains a visual key pictorial of a woman who will most likely be heroine.

This anime will tell the story of 5 heroines working in the tourism section of a small town that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the outbreak of the economic bubble. These five heroines will then try to advance the city by utilizing its area as a tourist visit. Ayaka Nanase, Rena Ueda, Chika Anzai, Chiemi Tanaka, and Mikako Komatsu will play the cast.

Anime Synopsis Sakura Quest
Synopsis Sakura Quest – Anime fall (spring) titled Sakura Quest (サ ク ラ ク エ ス ト) tells of a rural small town that has revived the “mini-nation” tourism program.

Mini-nation is done as an effort to wake up from national movement during period of uncertain economy. To revive the “mini-nation”, they employ five girls as tourism ambassadors.

This series will follow a year’s time of five girls as they work in the small town’s failed tourism office in an attempt to revive the city.

Anime Trailer Sakura Quest
About Anime Sakura Quest

Genre: Comedy
Season: Spring 2017
Studio: P.A. Works
Producer: Soichi Masui
Author: Masahiro Yokotani
Release: April 6, 2017
Music: Satoki Iida, (K) NoW_NAME
Sakura Quest (サ ク ラ ク エ ス ト, sakura Kuesuto) is a Japanese television anime series produced by P.A.Works and directed by Soichi Masui. This anime will premiere in spring 2017.
Anime Character Sakura Quest
Koharu Yoshino
Voiced by: Ayaka Nanase
Koharu is the main character. He does not like the countryside and is anxious to live in the capital. He has come all the way to Tokyo to discover that “something special”, but he still does not know what that “something” is. She has failed her entrance exam for 30 companies and suddently requests for work come in a day. By luck, she goes from nothing to being the Queen (Angel of Sight) to a mini-independent empire. So he set for Manoyama Town. He is a friend to everyone, but he is serious to the core. She is a normal girl. However, he has a little complex about his “normalness”.

Shiori Shinomiya
Voiced by: Reina Ueda
Shiori is a staff member of the Manoyama City Tourism Bureau who works side by side with Yoshino. He loves his hometown and is quite stable and conservative. He is bright and always keeps a positive face on. He looks after others well and is great with tasks. Shiori will make a very good housewife.
Maki Midorikawa
Voiced by: Chika Anzai
After his dream of breaking into an actress, Maki has moved back home to his hometown of Manoyama Town. In Tokyo, Maki has become part of a small theater group and enjoys dinig out. To fund the activities, he has some part-time jobs. He has a cold, big brother-like disposition.
Ririko Oribe
Voiced by: Chiemi Tanaka
Ririko hates her rural town of Manoyama Town, but she does not have the courage to leave. After high school graduation, he can not find a decent job, so he ends up being a hikikomori spending his days surfing the net. Ririko has problems with communicating. He does not have one friend. the person is his childhood friend Shiori.
Sanae Kouzuki
Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu
Sanae moved to Manoyama Town half a year before Yoshino and has an amazing need to look good. He was born and raised in Tokyo. However, after graduating from college, he joined an IT company, and that later stopped it. Sanae dreamed of becoming an ecologically conscious consumer. She lives in an old Japanese-style house and does some kind of IT related work


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