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Sengoku Night Blood (戦 刻 ナ イ ト ブ ラ ッ ド) is an anime television adaptation of smartphone games of the same title. The cast will repeat their role from the game. Anime is scheduled to air on October 3, 2017 through the channels of Tokyo MX, Sun TV, TV Aichi, and BS11.

Synopsis Sengoku Night Blood – The fall anime with the title Sengoku Night Blood (戦 刻 ナ イ ト ブ ラ ッ ド) tells of the evolving world of “Jinga” which was once a prosperous and peaceful world, the female protagonist is considered the key to restoring order and to rule this world .

Chaos begins when people, especially soldiers, who possess such special powers turn into vampires and werewolves, called Getsugazoku, fight for their land. Soldiers of this different species will live their lives and fight because they follow their own thoughts and ideals.

Until one day, he was summoned by a mysterious woman named “Hime Miko” because the protagonist’s blood brought a mysterious power to give strength, healing, and to awaken the true form of Jingazoku. This is a love story and war that he should not miss to rule the world.

About Anime Sengoku Night Blood
AnimeTV (Series)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Season: Fall 2017
Studio: Typhoon Graphics
Producer: Katsuya Kikuchi
Author: Yuuko Kakihara
Release: October 3, 2017
Music: Hiroyuki Horikou

Updated: October 5, 2017 — 5:09 pm
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